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Today, the majority of people practicing Tai Chi do it for reasons linked to health and/or well-being. However, one can not forget that Tai Chi is a complex martial art and was used in Old China to defend villages from thieves and other oppressors. In those times, people trained for hours non-stop. It was part of their daily routine. Nowadays, people may train 2 to 3 hours per week, for different reasons, but the well-being is generally the one on the top of the list.

This focus on the “well-being” side of Tai Chi could have one explanation. In the sixty’s and seventy’s, Tai Chi became more and more popular in the Western world. Unfortunately, it seems that only one part came to the West and Tai Chi came to be seen as a sequence of slow Yin movement, forgetting as a matter of a fact all the martial part of the discipline.

Paul Crompton, in his book Tai Chi Combat, explained this phenomenon linking the appearance of Tai Chi in times of great social movements against war and violence (Vietnam war for example) and during which an alternative culture was born with people looking to have a more conscious and holistic life. Tai Chi was in that sense the “medicine” for a lot of people and fitted in perfectly that period. But, as Crompton underlined, forgetting the Yang part of the Tai Chi (the martial part of it) is like seeing only the top of an iceberg and we wish to give the complete picture of this martial art.


Invic’Tai Chi comes to your office to offer all the benefit of the discipline to your employee.

The Tai Chi we practice is inspired from the Peking School and our sessions are based upon Yang and Chen forms

Introduction session

1h of pure immersion into the world of Tai Chi. In this session, we show your employee some warm up exercises, some basic principles of Tai Chi as well as basic position and martial applications.

Regular sessions

Your employees enjoyed our first class? So why not having regular sessions?

Weekly, biweekly or monthly.


Mathieu Parres - Invic'taichi - Tai chi para empresas

Mathieu Parres has been intensively practicing Tai Chi since 2011 at She Si, School of Chinese Martial Arts in Porto, under the supervision of Professor Diogo de Magalhães Sant’ana. He obtained his Diploma of Tai Chi Instructor in 2017 and, in the same year, participated in his first National Championship in Gondomar (Portugal), where he classified in second place in the overall standings. His Tai Chi practice has allowed him to experience for himself its psychological and physical benefits.

For several years Mathieu worked in the financial industry. He is therefore very aware of the stress involved in a competitive and exhausting work environment and the negative impact that this stress can have on people. Tai Chi can be the solution to rediscover physical and mental balance.

Always aware to his progress as a practitioner, Mathieu regularly participates in various courses, from forms (Tao Lu) to self-defense workshops. His school – and more specifically his mentor – has given him the willingness to share his love for this holistic martial art. Also interested in meditation, he participated in a quiet retreat of 10 days in November 2015 (Vipassana Meditation).

Mathieu can teach Tai Chi in Portuguese, French and English.


Tai Chi is also known as a kind of ‘meditation in motion’. With some practice and being aware of our breathing and the movements performed at the same time, the practitioner can develop a high level of awareness, thus improving the ability to concentrate.

Several scientific studies have shown the benefits of meditation and Tai Chi as well. However, Tai Chi, thanks to its movements, promotes the simultaneous stimulation of both the mind and the body.

Aware of the positive effects of this modality for its employees, companies like Google, Apple, or Deustche Bank, to mention only a few examples, have already implemented this type of activity on a regular basis.

If it’s good for the well-being of your employees, it’s good for your company!

A discipline for the all body

The practice of Tai Chi considerably improves body posture, balance, flexibility and can prevent falls.

A body that is moving

The movements performed through Tai Chi allow the joints to move more freely.

A moment to relax

Helps you relax, improves concentration and memory.

A moving meditation

The awareness of breathing performed with the body’s movements (“moving meditation”) helps to release negative emotions and focus on the Present Moment.


Having more conscious employees … the benefits to your company?

  • Human impact – happiness and well-being
  • Mental impact – creativity, increased capacity for innovation
  • Social impact – less conflict, more collaboration, stronger team spirit
  • Financial impact – less absenteeism related to stress and health problems, increased productivity

Have a more conscious company … the benefits to your employees?

  • Professional satisfaction – your employees see the importance you give to their well-being
  • Improving well-being – after a Tai Chi session, practitioners feel relaxed and with increased energy levels
  • Better relationship among coworkers – your employees will have the opportunity to share a moment together doing something different, improving as a result the team spirit.
  • Higher concentration


Tai Chi sessions take place on your premises or in ours
Indoor, a meeting is is perfectly suited for practicing Tai Chi, as long as there is space (Tai Chi is a ‘moving meditation’)
Outdoor space: depending on the weather conditions

Tai Chi Sessions

Open to all, no age limit
No specific clothing is required, although some comfortable clothing may help
Without medical restriction
Session from 30 minutes to 1 hour
Maximum of 30 people (for larger groups, please contact us)


If you wish more detailed information about our classes and how these classes could benefit your employees and also your company, please fill out the form below.

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